My Top 3 Takeaways from the RISE Business Conference

Hey guys! I hope are all doing well.. I took a little hiatus from my blog posts/weekly emails, but I am back and ready to roll! I have also figured out how to add video (hehe) soo I am excited to be able to do some video posts as well!

I recently attended the #RISEBusinessconference presented by Rachel Hollis (with lots of other great speakers) and it gave me a lot to think about, SO, I wanted to share my top 3 takeaways from the conference!!

Here they are!

Top 3 Conference Takeaways:

#1. Don't sell yourself short! If you happened to catch my FB live last week (I'll be hopping on FB live every Tuesday at 10:30am on if you want to check it out!) I talked about how Rachel had us imagine a person coming into our home and saying all of the negative things that we think about ourselves, out loud to us. What a powerful exercise... I highly recommend you try it! It's very eye opening to see just how negative and destructive we can be to ourselves. Give yourself credit! Know that you have already accomplished SO much in your life and that you are completely capable of accomplishing everything you have ahead of you as well!

#2. "Focus on Time- Are you spending time or investing time?" - Dave Hollis

This is a big one I still am working on and will be for a while I'm sure! Don't just spend time doing whatever it is you are doing- working out, eating, hanging out with your kids, building your business. Invest your time! Really make it meaningful and worthwhile. You are more likely to get a better result and feel much more accomplished at the end of the day. Set a personal goal in each area and strive to achieve it each day or week! (This is a lesson to myself as well!)

#3. Every morning is a gift of a second chance. (Brendon Burchard). Yesterday didn't go as planned? One thing went wrong after another? Tomorrow is a new day! Take advantage of it! Start each day off (another thing I am working on with my 1 year old :-p) with an organized morning routine... whether it includes working out, meditation, journaling, reading, writing, or all of the above, set it up and set an alarm to ensure you get it done without interruptions! I know this can be tricky at times, especially because my 1 year old ends up in my bed half the time and it's nearly impossible to get up early without waking her! BUT each day is a new opportunity for a new start.. so I will try again tomorrow! :)

Well there they are! Let me know what you think about these, OR if you attended the conference, I would love to hear your takeaways as well!

Have a fabulous week!! :)