8 Quick and Easy ways to Decorate your Table for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week y'all! I hope everyone is ready for this upcoming holiday and looking forward to some rest, relaxation and good food!

In thinking about the upcoming holiday, I was contemplating what to put on my table as decoration. I had found a nice tablecloth that I liked, but wasn't sure what I would do as a centerpiece. This led me to realize that others are probably wondering the same thing! Hence this blog post! :)

I decided to head to Christmas Tree Shops and A.C. Moore to pick up some great (and clearance :) fall decor to put together some set ups to share! While putting these together I always used these things to help me keep it complementary:

1. If using a tablecloth with various colors, make sure at least one of the colors is accented in the decor. And typically try to stick to a palette of no more than 3 or 4 colors (unless bright and colorful is your style! Then go for it!)

2. Make sure the display is balanced. This doesn't necessarily mean symmetrical (which I used to believe), but if you are doing a long display, it means if you have something tall on one side, make sure there is something of equal (or close) height on the other side. If you are doing a smaller centerpiece it's a little easier. You can use one taller piece in the middle or a sort of stair step method where the taller piece is surrounded by pieces that gradually get shorter. As long as you feel the space is balanced, you are good!

3. Have fun with it! There are so many ways to decorate a table! Stick to your style and what you like! Don't be afraid to throw something on there that's a little out of the norm (like the pearls I used in one setting). As long as you use complementary colors and balance it out, you are sure to impress your guests!

Now I will share with you the centerpieces/decor that I put together! If you have any questions, please let me know, I would be happy to help!

1. Rustic Charm

This is the centerpiece I will be using on my table. Keep in mind I have a small pub table (so we will also be using my breakfast bar for seating). I found all of this at Christmas Tree Shops except for the Charger plate, which I got at A.C. Moore. I love the fall colors. The black pumpkin pulls on the black in the table cloth and there is also some red in the flower arrangement, along with the little deep red jar in the front. I typically like to throw a candle in somewhere, but I liked the flow of this setup, so I stuck with it!

2. Farmhouse basic

This was a pretty simple design I put together, but accentuates the colors of the tablecloth well and still gives a fun, fall feel! This is still a little long for my small table, but would be great for a counter or a longer table.

You can also add some candlesticks in next to it if you do have a longer table,

like you see here! This would be great on a long farmhouse table with a burlap or plaid runner!

And I apologize for the things in the background... I intended to take photos against the window, but there was too much light coming in at that time!

3. Shabby Eclectic

For this one I just thought I would have some fun taking some of my vintage silver pieces and mixing them with some fall decor! I love how it turned out with all of the pumpkin colors and with the two pumpkins on the vintage goblets! This is one of my

favorite tricks to add a little fun to your decor- turn over a wine glass or goblet and put a candle, pumpkin, flower, etc. on the other end! It looks cute and gives new uses to old pieces!

4. Rustic/Farmhouse Christmas

So then I realized, some of you probably already have Christmas decorations up, so you would need a more Christmas-like display! I used this plaid Charger found at A.C. Moore (for $1) and put one of my vintage teapots on it with some Christmas sprays (also purchased at A.C. Moore). Depending on your table and/or your style you may or may not want to use the runner. You also may or may not want to use the candlesticks depending on how long your table is. Use your imagination to find fun containers (such as the teapot) to make your table display your style!

5. Farmhouse/Primitive Christmas

Here is another take on farmhouse Christmas. Using the tin Charger plate with the black pumpkin and red apples, I like how this tied into the red buffalo plaid bows on the candlesticks! I also found the cute light up primitive piece which I thought worked well as well with the green plaid contrasting the red buffalo plaid! Again, just have fun with it and find pieces to accentuate your style!

6. Shabby Chic meets Boho

Ya'll, this was my absolute favorite one! I wouldn't leave it up just because it doesn't go with the rest of my decor, but it was so much fun putting this together, and I absolutely love the colors and the shabby chic feel with the pearls, flowers and candlesticks! I am actually going to be doing a giveaway of these two pumpkins and one of my vintage fall shirts! All you have to do to be in the drawing is like and follow my fb page, sign up to receive weekly emails/blogs on my website, and comment DONE with something you'd like to hear about in the future on my live video from 11/26!

Here are just a few more photos. In the last one I took the leaves out of the middle and just used the flowers for a little variation!

7. My Take on Modern

Okay, so this is my take on modern... haha. I like the clean lines and the simplicity of the centerpiece while still being festive enough to bring some holiday cheer! You could add a runner and also some candlesticks next to it to add some length for a longer table as well!

8. Minimalist

While a minimalist is something I most certainly am not, lol, I love how simple yet elegant this setup is. While scrolling through Pinterest one day I came across the loveliest setup with a sheer linen tablecloth and pewter candlesticks with candles on a wooden table. It was so.... well... minimal.. but so beautiful! That was my inspiration behind this! I added in the goblets with flowers in the first photo, although I even think that might take away from the overall theme and beauty of the pure simplicity of the candlesticks alone.

Well folks, that about wraps it up for this post! All in all, the main rule is... you do you!! Make a tablescape or centerpiece that makes you smile when you look at it! And if I can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know! I would love to see photos of your Thanksgiving table decor and even share them if you'd like! You can send them to Also don't forget to like and follow my fb page @avintagelife13 and subscribe to emails if you haven't already! :)