4 Best Places to Get a Deal on Home Decor!

Hey guys! First off, I apologize for this blog post coming a little late this week! As many of you know, I started working with a real estate team (Five Pillars Realty Group) to furnish and decorate their Airbnb Investment properties... which is quite the job! Lol, but also a blast!

Ya'll know I like to get right to the point, so here it is!

A quick note though... I realize some of these are going to be stores that are not local to some of you, but hopefully at least one of them is nearby! If not, y'all need to travel. :)

1. First and Foremost.... Christmas Tree Shops!

If you have not been here... let me tell you... they do not only have Christmas trees. Lol... this is what I thought for the first year or so that I lived near one! They have the best home decor... and are fabulous for seasonal decor! And they have the BEST prices!! Not gonna lie though, the building that our Christmas Tree Shops store is in, is much less fancy than this one.... I'm a little jealous! :-p . If you don't have one of these around you, you need to look up the closest one and take a road trip!

2. One of my all-time favorites from back home (and now my current town!).. Gabes!

This place! Soo many great deals! Gabes is an outlet store that has soo many awesome finds... from name brand clothing to shoes, to home decor! One of the main things that I get here for my staging and decorating business is fake plants (cuz those suckers can be expensive). I got 5 fake plants and a clock... and with my $5 coupon from their rewards program, I only spent $23! I literally would have spent over $50 on the same stuff anywhere else! If you haven't been.. you must go! This is also a great place for throw pillows! They have these awesome Euro throw pillows for $7.99 right now :-D. Check. It. Out!

3. One of my Friday Faves!! Burkes Outlet

So I realize this is one I didn't mention on my live video I did the other day, but this is one of my faves! AND if you are a rewards member you get an extra 15% off on Fridays! They don't have a huge selection of home decor, but they do have pretty good prices! I went in today and scored 2 super soft throws, 2 bath mats, a set of desk pens (for the super cute office space I am setting up in one of the Airbnbs), a throw pillow... and I feel like I'm forgetting something.... I'm definitely forgetting something... lol. I will double check and update tomorrow, but it was all for a great price! Lol! Love this place!

4. Dress for Less... Dress yo House fo Less too! :-p Ross!

Gotta love this place for just about everything. I got a good majority of the pieces for the last home I decorated from here and they were all so unique! You can find so many cool things here for such great prices! They also have a decent selection of accent tables, chairs and ottomans and they are all so different! It's easy to get lost in the awesome finds in this place!

Well that about wraps it up! If you have some stores where you find some awesome goodies at excellent prices I would love to hear about them! Have a great weekend, y'all!