3 Tips for Christmas Decorating on a Budget!

1. Spruce up your coffee station!

Get out all your favorite Christmas mugs to display! Add some candles, or anything with some red and green to add a little festive flare! You can find some cute mugs at Dollar General and even Dollar Tree right now! Also, you can turn it into a hot cocoa station with most things you need coming from Dollar Tree! Get some glass jars for marshmallows and candy canes, add some hot cocoa mix pouches and some cute mugs and you are all set! If you want to add a little extra flavor, throw in some sprinkles or your favorite Christmas Candy (like peppermint Kisses!). You can even find some cute hot cocoa signs to add in!

2. Use Christmas bulbs to fill in empty spaces!

Do you ever feel like a space needs just a little more color or flare, but don't know what to put there? Adding some colorful Christmas bulbs is a cheap, fun way to fill extra space!

3. Have fun with it!!

Your style may not be the same as your friends styles you see on Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram, and that is totally fine! Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy all new Christmas decorations every year to keep up with the current trends! Go with what you have and what your style is! Put your own twist on it and have fun with it! If you like it and it looks good to you, that is all that matters!